Avant-garde Abode: New Directions in Housing

This first post is a collection of resources both to equip and educate the public with the most innovative projects, policies, and theories that will shape the future of the housing industry. These blogs and websites focus on various topics ranging from sustainability to experimental form-making.

This forum will explore new possibilities in housing that are at the cusp of what is being called a revolution in architecture. The thesis I am postulating is that new methods in building technology are changing the way humans interact with dwellings. The arsenal of this revolution is information and as such, the following links will provide a thorough and provocative database of resources. This collection of resources was compiled using the help of various blog engines including Google Blog Search and Technorati and Meta-Engines such as Metacrawler and Dogpile. The selection of these websites is based on the 6 criteria set forth by the Webby Awards: content, structure and navigation, visual design, functionality, interactivity, and overall experience.

An important consideration of innovative architecture must be to examine the possible impact of natural catastrophes and pose solutions to them. Websites such as Eartharchitecture (from which the image on the left is taken) and Cocoon-housing address the need for housing in extreme conditions. Blogs such as ArchDaily, Inhabitat, Designboom, Evolo, Archithings, Dezeen, and BruteforceCollaborative list current architectural projects that promote ideas of sustainability, prefabrication, and new building methods. Such blogs are gaining world-wide interest among viewers and therefore becoming prime promotional space for architects and designers. Inhabitat is particularly interested in the sustainability aspects of housing. It can be assumed that the architecture of the future will be rooted with such aspirations as carbon neutrality. There are a plethora of “experimental” blogs that architecture students and professionals create to both progress the field of architecture and promote their work. Such blogs include The Very Many, Kokkugia, and NeoArchaic. Their role in the architecture discourse is pivotal in the progress of innovative form-making. Such blogs become open-source databases of information on software techniques that are educating the world-wide audience. SuckerPunch Daily is an avant-garde architecture and design blog that receives international readership. Lastly, websites such as Architecture2030 and USGBC offer resources and incentives for a sustainable building practice.

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